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Gonna do it. Gonna get my hair cut. It's very thick and curly and way too long. I'm getting headaches and it takes forever to brush/wash/condition/style do anything with. It has to go. I have an appointment for 3:30 this afternoon. New hair for a new year...

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"I feel bad for people who've never been addicted to anything. Cause they're the real losers. You wanna know why? Cause they don't know what it's like to really want something. And get it. Again and again and again, until they're sick and have to stop. That's passion"
- Marc Maron

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I have some serious A.D.D. going and I can't stick to one basic theme for a whole batch.  It's bad! So I give to you yet another random batch of icons. Some of these are in fact 2 versions of the same icon. They are different I promise. The differences stand out to me but I imagine they might not seem that big to anyone else. that I've babbled...on to the contents.

Behind the cut:
1 Jonathan Rhys Meyers
1 Ryan Reynolds
1 Anna Faris
1 Zooey Deschanel (2 versions)
1 MUCC (2 versions)
1 Paramore
1 Secondhand Serenade
2 Newsies (2 versions of one of them)
1 Tin Man (2 versions)
2 Stock (2 versions of one of them)
4 Text (Lyrics from: Paramore, Katy Perry)

As always...
Comment, Credit, Share, Enjoy!

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I have been dealing with some family issues and therefore have been unable to make anything. However, those issues are now settled for the most part and I come bearing a gift of brushes. Icons coming soonish.

Behind the cut you will find a preview and d/l link for:
1 brush set made in psp7 (.jbr)
10 .png images for other programs

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Yet another random batch of icons. Most of these are lyrical text though.
Comment. Credit. Share. Enjoy.

6 Something Corporate Lyrics
4 Flyleaf Lyrics
1 Random Angry
1 AvP
2 August Rush
3 Tin Man (the sci-fi miniseries) 
1 Glitch (from Tin Man) Wallpaper.

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A small grouping of random icons.  
Comment, Credit, Share, Enjoy!
1 Angelina Jolie
1 Get Fuzzy (comic strip)
1 Pearls Before Swine (comic strip)
1 Shia LaBeouf
1 Random Text
9 Sweeney Todd

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This list contains possible ideas for future graphics. This is not a request post. Feel free to comment with ideas of your own and if they make it on the list then I am considering them.


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(This list will be ever growing as new things pop into my head.)